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My week with instagram....

Sunday, while hiking on the beach, I came upon this amazing.... really amazing sand castle. It was so perfect and well done it seemed surreal.  I didn't even see it until my hike back.  How could I have missed this?

 Here in Southern California we are experiencing our 'June Gloom", where the majority of the day is under a 'marine layer', which translates to,  it's cloudy, a lot. I have decided to find beauty in this weather and embrace it, for soon enough it will be sweltering!

 A seascape from the menu of one of my new favorite restaurants in South Orange County, the Old Vine, in the Camp,  located in Costa Mesa.

 The table scape at Old vine.

 A fabulous find of my daughter  Ellis, at the flea market. She has returned from college for the summer.
 My morning, contemplation and lists.

 My bedroom chandelier, I am working on my photography in different lighting.

 Some yummy signature pieces I am working on.

 Additional players in my next outdoor 
 The  next 'outdoor room'.

 The strawberries that I planted in my decorative pots are thriving, which equals beauty plus a little harvest!

Awwh yes, this weeks peonies are still the icon of my week!

Wishing you joy as you style your life,
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Love, Love, Love these photos and the clean look of your blog.

  2. Where exactly is this "next" outdoor room? I can't wait to see what you do with it!

  3. Wow, you caught some really amazing photos with instagram! I love your chandelier, and that sand castle is incredible!