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My summer mantle

I change my mantle and the 'chalk board ' which sits above it each season, to help fully carry through the  my seasonal design concept.

In the spring I left the board empty and used it to give the feeling of a huge piece of art.  I taped some inspirational photos on filled my urns with colorful begonias.

For Hunter's birthday, it added to the party decor.

This summer I took one of my extra tablecloths and stretched it over the board staple gunning it to the back.

My six iron urns are a staple on my mantle.  Behind the urns, I have a frameless wardrobe mirror. This bridges the awkward space behind the urns but more importantly, does what all mirrors do in a small space, makes the room feel larger.

I love using 'repurposed' jars for so  many things.

For my mantle I have taken six to be used as vases inside the urns.

I picked up six bunches of sunflowers, from the grocery store and trimmed them to fit.

One tip, I suggest making the arrangement in the urns since they are not viewed in 360.  I also cut my first arrangement too short for the urns.

Putting the steps together, a beautiful arrangement...

times six for full impact!


  1. The sun stream in from the side is a fantastic shot. And I love the pop of color from the sunflowers.