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My summer decor is complete.....

 Well, I finished my summer decor but I still had a couple of my design ideas that I am most excited about....  and I wanted to share them.

 I am loving using my flea market oil paintings.... backwards!  Turning them around and leaning them against the wall makes an impromptu frame, for what ever you choose!

 For Hunter's birthday celebration, I printed off an old photo from my computer and clothes pinned it up! So quick, but so heartfelt and attractive.  Sentimental and great style impact!

 For summer, I simply set in an oil painting, that I bring out each year.  How quick, how easy, beautiful!

 For the larger frame on top, I simply took some of my favorite photos, blew them up to 8x10, and masking taped them to the back of the oil painting.  And yes, I did say masking tape.  I love how impulsive it looks and feels. It is another quick and personal way to create your own artwork and share family photos with an aesthetic and artistic approach.  Once you have the flea market paintings in place, your artwork can be changed out in minutes!  An easy way to show of the art of  your young aspiring artists, as well as your own!
 And it is Really inexpensive! The backs of the oil paintings work best because they have ledges on the back, this makes it easy to set  your artwork.

 See, quick, inexpensive art you can make yourself!

 Just a couple of other summer styling ideas I used.  I hung a shell chandelier from my big chandelier.

 On my shelves, I put out some shells with very sculptural lines, to further carry through my summer theme.

 I brought out my creme dishes. I love seeing my utilitarian items presented attractively.  Another gift of our small house, is our need to use open shelving for the storage space.  I have learned over the years how to do this in a way that is pleasing to the eye and celebrates the season.  When I am doing my routine chores, which come with daily life, it makes my heart happy to see the beauty in my surroundings!
So there you have it. I hope I have been able to offer you some design inspiration.  I wish you joy as you style your own life!  Thanks for stopping by!