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July 4th.... family nostalgia.....

I'm feeling very nostalgic  and sentimental this summer as my children are all at ages that most of their time is spent coming and going their separate ways .

My darling 'littles' are definitely now 'bigs'.  It seems such a short time ago when I would explained that I was the mother of three small children, four and under.

In my sentimental mood, I have turned their old art and tiny clothes into this months art! Remember my art frames, I think this tiny shirt is my favorite 'art' display yet! It was my son Slater's favorite.  This year Slater is nearly 6 foot three!

I am remembering when I had more time with them, remembering our summer traditions.

How each summer, when they were young, they each had their very own 'garden'. Our summer days were filled with trips to the library, parks, hikes, the pool and beach.

But the part I miss the very most, was the cuddling time.  I miss reading to them all when they were small and we were all so cozy together on the big bed.

Sometimes we would move the table out of the living room, inflate the air mattress, bring down pillows and blankets.  Pull the drapes shut, turn on the air conditioner and escape to our own 'island'.  Whiling away the day with T.V. time and books.... a long time ago.

Our trips to the library netted stacks of books to be enjoyed by all, as everyday, we had 'reading time'.  Reading time has served all my children well.  I was so proud and happy this summer, without even a suggestion, they made their own way to the library, to once again enjoy their summer reading.

I so love my 'bigs', and I am so proud of the wonderful people they have become.
But this summer ..... I also miss when they were 'my littles'.

Wishing you love and joy as you style your life.

Enjoy your 'littles' and your 'bigs'

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love all your photos...I'm inspired and reminded to get decorating for 4th of July.
    xo jana

  2. Yet another blog entry of yours that warms my heart! XO

  3. Thank you so much Laura! I so enjoyed spending time with you Friday!