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I'm having a pink week....

 I wanted to 'fluff' my little pink side garden this week, just fill it in a little. So off I went on Monday, after a great hike with a dear friend. I found pinks that spoke to me!  I can tell if I love them if I am excited to go home and plant.  Its like buying clothes you can't wait to wear!

 My next errand was Trader Joe's, where while grocery shopping,  I found the most amazing pink peonies!  And as my sunflowers were at their end, the peonies made my heart sing! 

 I rushed home with my prize pinks!

 I was so excited to  refresh my jars for my mantel urns!

 Voila!  Because my summer palette is just blue and white changing the accent color changes the whole feeling of the room, (well maybe just to me!)  The new pinks make me so happy.

 This pink happiness led me to choose my pink Chinese Jacket to post for the What I wore Wednesday link with the Pleated Poppy.

 I couldn't resist taking a photo of these delightful cookies.

 Ooh, and I was inspired to pick up this felt petal pillow for a new outdoor space, ( can't wait to show you next week).

 I got my inspiring pink garden planted, even managing to find strawberry plants with, yes,,,,, pink flowers!

 I am grateful for my little pink garden and the pink happiness it inspired this week.

I had just enough pink peonies for the room that has been transformed.  Guess whose back?