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I can't stay happy

I wish I could.  I know I have so many, many blessings in my life.

But invariably I make my to do lists too long.

Raise my self expectations too high.

Only to disappoint myself.

By this time in my life I thought I would have a better control of the conversations within.

So I will try to talk myself down.

Remind myself of all that my gratitude will include.

To stay quiet and not wreak havoc in my world.

To love and accept myself as I am today.

Knowing I will be happy a different day.


  1. Such honest, insightful words. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. "(IN MY) SOLITUDE" a 1932 jazz standard, composed by Duke Ellington, with lyrics by Eddie DeLange and Irving Mills; sung by Eta James/Billy Holiday...

    In my solitude you haunt me
    With reveries of days gone by
    In my solitude you taunt me
    With memories that never die
    I sit in my chair
    Filled with despair
    Nobody could be so sad
    With gloom ev'rywhere
    I sit and I stare
    I know that I'll soon go mad
    In my solitude
    I'm praying
    Dear Lord above
    Send back my love

  3. to Anonymous, thank you. I got a copy of the instrumental version by Duke Ellington, but I can't find the version with the lyrics you mentioned.