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The front terrace is ready for summer fun......

 Decorating was interrupted temporarily as thousands of bees took up residence. Luckily, they moved on and my progress was able to continue.

 Bringing my blue and white out front.

 Changing tables and bringing out the umbrella.

 As the afternoons warm, it was time to simplify my planters.  I took out the color so as not to compete with the bold pillows as well as to simplify the garden's upkeep. 

 With the approaching heat of summer it was also time to hang the outside curtains.

 This is a very simple project I do every summer.  It helps block the summer glare inside as well as producing a 'resort' feel on the outside.  It looks great and couldn't be easier.  I take one 12x15 drop cloth ,cutting it in half,I then staple gun it to the back side of the facade. I make sure to turn the edges in several times and pleat it while I staple.  All in the project takes less than an hour yet the impact is large!

 The resulting look just shouts summer!  It also keeps the house cooler as it blocks the light through the glass panes in our front door.

 All of my front planters have been edited down to hearty greens.  I just filled two pots on the front side with Shasta daisies that also sing summer. I even added some strawberries to the pots.  Last year I started experimenting with adding edibles to my pots to produce harvest and pretty at the same time.

 Yes, the front terrace now calls out for relaxing  summer conversations!

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  1. This looks beautiful! You put us all to shame, girl!